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[Reflections 'Verse] Haven't You Noticed Suddenly I'm Bright and Breezy?
Wavy: Is that so?
After the promised two days of travel, Gaila and Scott had finally found the colony they had been directed to, contacted it and been given permission to land. Everything had been smooth sailing from then on. Almost too smooth. She had been welcomed with open arms by the colonists, a hero for having escaped the Empire's clutches with not a scratch on her, and with an Imperial officer trailing her every step as well. Most of them showed great curiosity towards the Human male, asking all kinds of questions she hadn't had time to make up answers for, and she decided to parade him around as little as possible, insisting that he would do her no good if he got sick from his injuries. Of course, the colonists wouldn't have that. It was exciting for them, empowering to know that Orions could snare their way into the hearts of even the Empire's soldiers, and they wanted to learn Gaila's methods. So the people you could tentatively call the leaders made a decision to let them both stay, provide them with housing and medical supplies, to nurse their new favourite little status symbol back to health.

Whatever they managed to convince these people of was good enough for Gaila. Both her and Scott had been given peace and quiet, a place to stay in the house of an elderly woman and her husbands, food and drink that reminded her pleasantly of home, and medical assistance for her "slave", at her demand. They didn't even have to work for their luxuries, which she had initially feared. No, the status Scott had provided her with had worked out much better than she could've ever imagined. And it put her in a position where she could do as she pleased with her "servant", thus "allowing him peace and quiet" to "adjust to his new home" was the only thing on his schedule for now. And it would most likely stay that way for a long time, if things worked out as planned.

Gaila woke up after another long, peaceful night of sleep, stretching softly in her bed, the familiar smell of desert sand and fresh cotton sheets greeting her good morning. It brought a drowsy smile to her face. Even still, her pleasant morning mood was compromised a bit as she rolled over, and - as things had been every morning since they arrived - she was alone in her bed. It really was a non-issue, since he was still recovering from a lot of injuries and would need the privacy. But she hoped that one day, once he felt better, she wouldn't have to sleep alone anymore. As she shifted back and forth on the matress, trying to wake up, she idly thought back to the days they spent together stuck in that shuttle craft, and how much had changed since then. Things had to keep changing, right?

Log Entry 06
Curly: Exasparated, Curly: Annoyed
i'm breaking my usual format of journal entry to ask this question; what the actual fucking hell? seriously, friends, i wish i could make sense of the past week or so, but this has gone too far, even for the uss enterprise.
the cargo bay turned into a grimy, disgusting human pirate bay,
the arboretum turned into a savannah biome,
the engine room turned into a fucking tropical jungle,
and the computer lab has thus far turned into a landscape of frosted, processed sugar, a targ farm, and my console was a goldfish bowl just a second ago. and that's just what i've experienced.

please tell me this is going to be over soon. i don't know how much more i can handle... i could really use a warm hug right now.

posting from my station in the lab to vent my frustrations. please excuse the poor format.

Log Entry 05
Curly: Giggle
These few weeks have been... interesting. While I have not been directly involved with a lot of the craziness I have caught up on while reading the public servers, I have definitely felt the impact of the transpired events. Details are still hazy, I am not certain if security has released a detailed report about exactly what happened. But I am certain something did happen! Because for some reason, the constantly scrambled and corrupted data we have been drowning in down in Support has ceased. Out of nowhere! It is all right again! Perhaps my superior officers have more details about the what and why, but at least I can breathe quietly now. Work is relaxing once again.

Now that I finally get to take it easy after a lot of stress, I am in the mood for something fun! Would anyone like to join me in the recreation room for some relaxing off-duty time? I have always wanted to try my hands at this chess business, could someone show me how?

[Locked to Alyson McManus]
I still cannot believe I found you here on the Enterprise! This is so surreal! Would you happen to be inclined to join me for lunch one of these days? I think it would be nice to get to know you a little better. Let me know if you would like to!

Log Entry 04
Curly: On duty
Well, back on the ship after a wonderful shore leave. Risa was exactly what the doctor ordered for me. I feel incredibly rejuvenated! The weather was always wonderful, the long stretches of beaches were beautiful, the night life was a blast, and I have gotten to know so many new people. Thank you all very much for taking the time to sit down and have a chat!

Now, a good night's sleep in my own bed, and then it is right back to duty. I have a lot of catching up to do. My superior will be busy briefing the new computer technician and computer engineering crew - thank goodness for Starfleet answering my prayers and bringing in new people, we have been too few in the department for a long time - so the rest if us will be 'minding the shop' for the next few days. I am excited to work with the new computer terminals that have been installed. I peeked into the computer lab on my way to my quarters earlier, and they look great. How fast technology moves in just a year, huh?

Personal log under the cut.Collapse )

Log Entry 03
Curly: Happy, Curly: Ecstatic
I just heard the news, and am so incredibly happy. Shore leave is going to be amazing after the past few weeks! A genuine opportunity to completely relax, heal and try to put this all behind me, if only for a little while.

It has been much too long since I have had a vacation... Not since my first year at the Academy, I think. I cannot wait to soak up some sun on the beach, go swimming, maybe find a club and have some fun with the others. To really get to know people! My leg is feeling much better now, so I will not let anything get in the way of me having some fun!

Anyone feel like rooming at the hotel? I do not bite~

Log Entry 02
Curly: Disappointed, Curly: Speechless
I would like to let everyone know that my admiration for you can barely be expressed in words. The Bridge crew, for handling the situation as quickly and smoothly as you always do. The Engineering crew, for your extremely hard work to make sure the ship and her crew would be safe. The Medical crew, for your tireless work to help as many people as you possibly could. Mr. Spock, who kept his peace and saved as many lives as he could. Lieutenant Uhura, for risking her life to help others. Everyone who offered a hand to help and did whatever they could. Everyone who lost someone today, and all the brave men and women who lost their lives fighting for ours. You will not be forgotten.

Personal log under the cut.Collapse )

I would love a drink right now.

Log Entry 01
Wavy: Is that so?
Just returned to my quarters from a wonderful lunch with Nyota. It has been much too long since we have spent time together! We reminisced about our Academy days, talked about our love lives - a very pleasant surprise for me! - discussed history and differing languages and cultures, and planned to spend more time together this coming Saturday! I can barely wait. It has been much too long since I let my hair down and had a good time with some good company.

Now, I have a few more minutes to get ready for more work down in the computer lab. We have been having some problems with the sensor systems - minor malfunctions in different sectors, nothing alarming as of yet... But if the problem is not isolated and taken care of soon, it could cause greater problems. I suspect faulty code, but I am unable to confirm this. Perhaps Nyota was right, that we need some outside help to find the source of the problem. We are all wrapped up in so much work down in the labs, it is no wonder if we end up missing something! But for now, it is not causing any major problems. We will have it fixed and ready for business in no time!