Gaila of Orion

3 February
Gaila of Orion

NAME: Gaila
AGE: 24
GENDER: Female
OCCUPATION: Computer Network Technician
RANK: Ensign

PERSONALITY: Gaila has always been an ice breaker, offering a smile and a nod of hello to whoever she meets. She always has time to get to know strangers or chitchat with friends, but when duty calls, she's on her mark and efficiently working to solve whatever problem comes in her way. She is a very passionate and emotional creature, but knows better than to open herself up to just anyone, reserving that privilege to her closest friends. While considered promiscuous by her peers, she prefers to consider herself more of an adventurous lover, sampling the pleasures of the free life, one species at a time.

HISTORY: Growing up on an Orion colony on the outskirts of the Beta Quadrant was not easy for Gaila, and while she always found a way to keep her spirits up, the ways of her home world's society did not sit well with the young woman. Despite enjoying being in charge like any Orion woman would, the air of sadism lacing the hidden agenda of her fellow females never appealed to her. Banding together with other potential slave girls who wanted out before it was too late, she escaped to Earth and settled for a new life on this welcoming little planet, rediscovering the joys of life and finding a new passion in computer work. The ways of the Federation greatly affected her, and she found herself willing to fight and die for the rights of others, promptly signing up for Starfleet Academy.

STRENGTHS: Although her looks and behavior might not suggest it, Gaila is intelligent and sharp, having put years of hard work into earning her degree and shaping her career. She's passionate and dedicated, always on the move and striving to become better, both as a technician and a budding programmer, wanting to help shape the future of Starfleet and the Federation with her skills and prior Orion knowledge. She sticks up for herself, not letting anyone step on her, and does the same thing for the people she cares about, even for people she doesn't know or doesn't like. It doesn't matter to her who it is; no one should be treated like dirt in the age of reason. As a friend, she's always available with welcoming arms and comforting words, and as a lover, she's experienced, patient and very flexible, always willing to try anything once, or twice.

WEAKNESSES: Her past is of no importance to her, but prejudice is, and when she's treated as the females of her species are usually treated or even regarded, she takes it very personally and becomes defensive. When it comes to this, she's quick to turn to violence to prove her independence and individuality. Despite Gaila vehemently rejecting the treatment of slave girls when it comes to herself, she's not bothered by how her culture works, and the way she talks about slave trading as if it's nothing can come off as insensitive and offensive to outsiders. Her passionate and emotional nature can often land her in trouble, as she often speaks before she thinks, and coupled with her love for men and sexual relations, it makes it hard for her co-workers to take her seriously as an officer.

PLAYED BY: cirkumfleks
ACTRESS: Rachel Nichols

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